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Welcome to OCS Law. Where our skilled team of attorneys and legal practitioners specialize in a diverse range of legal practice areas. With our extensive knowledge and proven track record, we provide strategic counsel, vigorous advocacy, and compassionate support to our clients. Whether you require representation in complex litigation, guidance in personal injury matters, or assistance in navigating family or business-related legal issues, OCS Law is here to deliver tailored solutions that prioritize your needs and interests.

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Commercial Litigation with OCS Law
Complex Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a category of litigation covering all business and contract conflicts. Commercial contract and quasi-contractual claims can be very complex and require a nuanced understanding of the various remedies (both statutory and at common law) available to redress the wrong you or your business have suffered.

Banking & Financial Services - OCS Law
Banking & Financial Services

Our attorneys have many years of experience advising and defending banks, mortgage lenders and other financial institutions in a variety of disputes in state and federal courts. We also have significant experience in arbitration as well both before governmental and administrative agencies.

Business Organization - OCS Law
Business Organization & Management

South Florida’s global economy and complex business environment call for sophisticated representation in organizing your next business or reorganizing your current business. The Firm’s clients face constant pressure from new competitors within their industries and ever-increasing complex regulatory schemes.

Catastrophic Personal Injury - OCS Law
Catastrophic Personal Injury

Personal injury is the name given to the area of law that covers any wrong or damage done to another person, his property, rights, or reputation. A personal injury/wrongful death can happen almost anywhere: at work, while driving home, because of a defective product, because of a mistake during medical treatment, or because you...

Appellate Practice - OCS Law
Appellate Practice

Preparation for an appeal does not begin once an adverse judgment is entered. Preserving the record in the trial court is just as important. Through experience, our professionals have learned to guide litigation through the lower courts anticipating a favorable ruling but, in all cases, preparing the record to ensure that our clients are ...

Real Estate Lien Mitigation and Litigation - OCS Law
Real Estate Lien Mitigation and Litigation

The variety of municipal and county regulations which govern the maintenance of real property in Florida can be daunting. Likewise, the number of administrative agencies involved in the process of imposing liens for violations of municipal or county codes can make removing liens for even simple violations extremely...

Family Law -OCS Law
Family Law

Family law is the name given to that area of civil law that covers cases involving the legal relationships between family members, including parents, children, husbands, wives, and domestic partners. A family law lawyer works with family law relationships such as divorce, juvenile dependency and delinquency, adoption...

Criminal Law - OCS Law
Criminal Law

Curt Obront is one of South Florida’s most well-known and respected criminal law attorneys. Curt has been defending the rights of criminal defendants for over 30 years and has an impeccable reputation for passionate advocacy on behalf of those accused of crimes. The Firm regularly represents citizens accused of crimes in...

Employment Litigation - OCS Law
Employment Litigation and Management

Unless businesses adopt and employ strict policies to comply with the myriad of state and federal regulations concerning management of employees, an employer will most likely face an employment dispute at some point. The Firm represents both employers seeking to manage their workforces and/or defend their...