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Appellate Practice

Preparation for an appeal does not begin once an adverse judgment is entered.   Preserving the record in the trial court is just as important.  Through experience, our professionals have learned to guide litigation through the lower courts anticipating a favorable ruling but, in all cases, preparing the record to ensure that our clients are given every opportunity to plead their case to the appellate courts in the event of an adverse decision from the trier of fact.

Our attorneys have successfully participated in appeals through the various levels of the state and federal appellate court systems.  Irrespective of what posture a client’s prospective or current appeal is in, it is important to have an attorney that not only understands the substantive law of the underlying case (such as real estate or employment law) but also the particularities of prosecuting or defending the case on appeal.

Our attorneys have the experience necessary not only to handle commercial litigation through trial and verdict but also to effectively pursue reversal of an adverse judgment or defend a successful one through appeal.