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The Firm's attorneys have over 60 years of collective experience in contract and business dispute litigation. If you have a pending or prospective commercial dispute, contact our office so that we can evaluate your claim and discuss the potential remedies which may be available to you under Florida law.

OCS Law is a Miami-based law firm providing comprehensive international legal guidance. With a focus on diverse legal matters, their experienced attorneys offer reliable and proficient advice to clients, addressing a wide range of international legal concerns.

The attorneys at OCS Law have decades of experience working with businesses in South Florida and can assist you in choosing a corporate form, drafting operating or shareholder agreements, drafting vendor agreements to control your relationships with your providers, and setting up appropriate terms and conditions for the sale of your products and services to customers.

At OCS Law, our attorneys have the experience necessary to navigate the complex insurance claims process and the trial experience necessary to enforce your rights in litigation if your claim is wrongfully denied or if insurance is unavailable to redress your injuries.

About OCS Law

OCS Law is one of South Florida’s premiere boutique litigation firms. Our clients range from sophisticated banks and financial institutions to small businesses and high net worth individuals seeking passionate counsel and representation in South Florida’s ultra-competitive business markets. Our attorneys are successful litigators with a proven track record of providing aggressive representation and competent guidance to our valued clients. We welcome you to browse this website, meet our attorneys and review some of our primary practice areas.

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Finding an attorney that is the perfect fit for your legal needs requires careful consideration of experience, and personal approach to ensure a strong and effective partnership.

About the Firm

OCS Law provides the flexibility and skills that larger firms offer, however, as a boutique firm with a select group of clients, we are able to provide the hands-on attention to our clients that is the hallmark of the boutique litigation firm.

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