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Business Organization

South Florida’s global economy and complex business environment call for sophisticated representation in organizing your next business or reorganizing your current business.  The Firm’s clients face constant pressure from new competitors within their industries and ever-increasing complex regulatory schemes.  From organizing the corporate structure of your business (whether a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other form) to putting in place the agreements which will govern your relationships with vendors, clients, employees and municipalities, the decisions you make in organizing your business will have long ranging effects on the ultimate success or failure of your business.


The attorneys at OCS Law have decades of experience working with businesses in South Florida and can assist you in choosing a corporate form, drafting operating or shareholder agreements, drafting vendor agreements to control your relationships with your providers, and setting up appropriate terms and conditions for the sale of your products and services to customers.


If you want to establish a new business or believe your current business could benefit from reorganization, stop by our offices and let us explain what OCS Law can do for you.